15 Mar 2015

Book Update – Stryker #6, In The Ages To Come

Posted by joncooper

Over the past few months I’ve been hard at work on the manuscript for the sixth Stryker book, In The Ages To Come. Before I started on the manuscript I spent weeks working on the plot outline for the book. This is one of the most complicated stories I’ve ever tried to tell – and it looks like it will also be the longest.

IN THE AGES TO COME tells the story of the Vaugn – the mysterious ship that was mentioned in the last chapter of Stryker #5. In the tenth millennium of the Eternal Era, many people are trying to find the secret of that odd vessel. The story recounts their investigation – but the history of that ship begins much earlier, in the 25th century of the old universe.

Not only does the book explore the Vaugn, but it also takes a close look at the century in which Carroll Lane established the Vaults, the Diano Corporation launched the Nehemiah IV probes, and Dr. Mazatl created the Artilect. Every major event in the Stryker series has its roots in the 25th century, and that critical era is now being unveiled. This book is a sequel to the series, and a prequel at the same time.

Best of all, Professor Grimes plays a critical role in the story. (And why not? He is, after all, Professor Grimes.)

I have a rough draft of 10 chapters so far. They are:

Prologue: The End [no, that’s not a typo]
Chapter 1: Launch Day
Chapter 2: Revenge
Chapter 3: An Undiscovered World
Chapter 4: History Lesson
Chapter 5: The Derelict
Chapter 6: Arrival
Chapter 7: The Great Migration
Chapter 8: Investigation
Chapter 9: A New Plan

So far the manuscript weighs in at 61,891 words. Since the book has 36 chapters planned, the final product could easily be over 150,000 words – making it the longest book of the series by a wide margin.

My goal is to finish the book by the end of the year, but given the length of the story that may be too ambitious. If I can get a complete draft by the year’s end I will be pleased.

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