5 Nov 2012

Quote: What Did Noah Look Like?

Posted by joncooper

Molecular biologists now know that, using two specific pieces of DNA—the Y-chromosome or the mitochondrial DNA– heritage can be traced straight back to our earliest ancestors. Both of these pieces do not get mixed together during reproduction — Y-chromosome DNA does not exist in women and gets passed from father to son, so a man’s Y-chromosome comes from his dad, who got it from his dad, who got it from his dad, and so on. Ditto for mitochondrial DNA and the mom.

Through these kinds of archeao-genetic studies it was determined that all human beings on earth today share a single human female ancestor, and all males share a single human male ancestor. Just like the Bible says. (Not that the scientists can bring themselves to acknowledge the validity of the Genesis record.)

The point is that since we can peer into the past through these pieces of DNA, we can kind of get a look at those earliest humans. At least back to Noah and sons, since they are the closest ones those of us alive today can claim as ancestors. We can get a pretty good idea what their DNA looked like.

And then we have an idea what they probably looked like. How? By matching the ancestral DNA up with human populations today. We can make an educated guess as to what Noah, if he was marrying the Wilsons, would look like. …

The population living today that most closely resemble what Noah’s DNA would have been is…

Drum roll, please…

The Kalahari bushmen.

–Wendy Wippel


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